These Three Make Up Recommendations For Beginners

If you include people who just use makeup for your daily life, then make sure that you do not use excessive makeup and feel heavy. You can also use LED Ring light as the best mirror to make your makeup results are not messy and look perfect.

There are some makeup recommendations that are appropriate for you who just started the activity. some of his recommendations are

1. BB cream
BB cream is certainly lighter than the foundation in general. This will make you feel not stiff and heavy on your skin. this also you can use every day without fear of your skin damaged.

2. Lipstick
Lipstick can certainly increase your confidence. however, be careful in choosing lipstick colors because it can change your own skin color. Choose colors that match your kilts to look fresh.

3. Mascara
The function of mascara is to make your eyelashes look as maximal as possible. It will also affect the beauty of your face completely.