Want to Get Rid Mosquito? Use Air Conditioner!

If your home is close to the flow of a smelly river or a house on the side of a noisy highway. Air conditioner could be the right solution to reduce it. Take time to look at the work that the service provider does to avoid the undesirable. It is a good idea to choose an experienced aircon service to make sure that the results of their work really satisfy their customers. Some people are hit by misfortune because they feel cheated by unscrupulous air conditioner service who want to reap big profits the easy way.


The air conditioner can also get rid of mosquito with its ultrasonic waves. Mosquitoes detect humans based on carbon dioxide released by the body. With these ultrasonic waves, they will lose their ability to detect carbon dioxide released by humans. This wave has a frequency that can only be heard by mosquitoes. And if you need to service your AC, you can visit our website.