Know What Your Purpose Before Install a Fence

Buying the right fence for the house is not as easy as imagined. Indeed, the appearance is important, but you also need to determine the type of fence that suits your needs, either to maintain security, restrict your dog, or to obstruct the views of others from outside the home. From many considerations, of course, you can not just by entering the store and judge a fence looks beautiful, then immediately buy it. To install a fence also requires fencing companies, because certain fences can not be installed independently.

Before installing a fence, you should know what your purpose is to install a fence. Therefore, the goal becomes one of the decisive factors in choosing the fence. Here we provide some consideration in the purpose of installing a fence:

– Home security
If you are looking for a fence that can keep your home safe, there are several options to consider when installing a fence at home. First, choose a fence that is not spaced between the posts, or have a narrow distance. If you want to add vines, try a lattice fence. This type of fence can add beauty and make you feel living in a secret garden. Because the fence is the first home security defense after the trellis.

– Barrier of dogs
If you need a good fence to restrict the movement of pets, such as dogs, be sure to take a pet while shopping for the fence. Make sure the height of the fence is high enough for the dog, so it is not able to jump it. When you want to install a fence make sure that the fence is buried in the ground a maximum of six inches, in order to prevent the dog from digging it. If you do not want the fence to look monotonous, consider an invisible fencing system to keep the dog stay in the yard.

– Protect the house from high winds
Build a wall fence high enough, then the wind can be arrested though not all of them. Of course, in addition to the height of the fence must also be made sturdy with good quality so as not to easily collapse.