Understanding the proportion in flat lay photography for Instagram

In Flat Lay photography technique, you can not put the object of the photo recklessly, so you must set the object in such a way let it regularly and show the beauty. Objects can be neatly arranged or messy, provided with the right proportions. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it can produce beautiful things. Apart from that, you might want to know how to buy Instagram followers cheap as well.

Your shooting object can be in the middle of the frame or even fill the frame, or even leaning to a side, all of which can be created to your liking, most importantly paying attention to the proportions. The technique of emphasizing is a way to highlight some of the objects that you will highlight.

For material or decoration to embellish the photo, you can use flowers or even knick-knacks to be decorative supporting the object. Just make sure that the decorative elements won’t be more eye-catching than the object itself, otherwise, they’ll potentially ruin the quality of your Instagram photos.